Evaine's Armour

First I will point out that I usually wear more than a red jumpsuit under my armour - I wore it for the pictures so the individual parts of armour wouldn't get lost in the clothes under them. To clarify, yes, there are parts of my body that have no armour on them (my underarms are most visible). So far I haven't had any trouble. I had spent some time considering adding a leather "vest" to cover my breasts, but I get hit there so rarely that it hasn't been worth the added encumberance. I also considered adding a skirt to cover my butt, but decided I just needed to get better at blocking instead!

The armour is made from leather. The knee cops, and vambraces are wax hardened. The knee cops also have metal bars across the inside. The remainder is just ~1/4" thick leather. The gambeson is made from cotton batting and denim - sewn on a household machine - the edges are all covered in bias tape. The helm is one greatfully borrowed from a friend who's not fighting anymore.

The shots below are done in the order I put my armour on, followed by the pieces individually. The zip files are Word docs describing how to make the armour, and the gambeson...if you need more info on any piece let me know and I'll do what I can. I didn't give a shot of my jill...but it's also ~1/4" leather, lined with fur. I wear it inbetween two sets of panties that I sewed together. Does a very nice job.


Armour.zip Gambeson.zip ArmingCap.zip